#Harvest2012: Ridin’ The Rig In -or- Sunny Day Geyserville: Parts 12 & 35

We now have Geyserville fruit at Monte Bello, and by that you know that #Harvest2012 is most definitely ON!

And what a delivery of fruit it was! I can personally testify that the old-vine Carignane that came in was some of the most delicious fruit I’ve ever tasted. And the Zinfandel was archetypically beatific Geyserville …

And by God, I tasted it the bloody second it came through the winery gates!

And how did I manage this incredible feat, you might ask? Why, I rode the grape truck in!

As noted, we received a beautiful delivery of Carignane, as well as gorgeous Zin berries from the Whitten Ranch …

As noted above, the first arrival of Geyserville is a special moment for the team at Monte Bello. The Dusi Ranch delivery was a fantastic happening, and a great kick-off for #Harvest2012. And everyone at Ridge has a soft spot for the brilliant old-vine fruit from The Mazzoni Ranch. But somehow, at Monte Bello, harvest doesn’t really seem to come fully into focus until the Geyserville arrives. THAT’S when the champys comes out … Cue Paul Draper, bottle in hand:

Then it’s back to the fruit, of course; to the job, to the present, to the future, to the harvest …

For a Guerilla Video tour of the action, follow the flick below; it’s about a 5 minute stomp-through of the Geyserville arrival …

And now a bit of a back track, from winery to vineyard. Will Thomas, exalted most high viticulturist at Lytton Springs, was in the trenches for the Geyserville pick, and had this to report from the field:

Good pick, fruit was in excellent condition, no shrivel, minimal rot. Nice to get these vineyards going, but it was a pretty foggy and bleak morning. We got about 20 tons today, and we’ll go out and get about that much tomorrow. 

Salt of the earth, vineyard folks. That’s the real deal knowledge drop, right there. Cheers Will, congratulations on a great pick! I was right there on top the gondola when the fruit rolled in, right there watching Eric Baugher clambering across the bins like a dazed and delighted monkey who’s just walzted into a banana emporium .. Meaning, Eric was awful happy! I mean, that fruit looked GOOD!

Perhaps the real miracle man in all of this is in fact David Gates, our Vice President of Vineyards Operations; David came sauntering onto the crush pad at Monte Bello about 15 minutes before Miguel drove the rig full of grapes in, and this despite his having been right there in the foggy Geyserville morning that very morning! Geyserville! Sonoma! Monte Bello! Santa Cruz Mountains!

Vineyard Folk, Winery Folk; folk magicians and conjure folk …

And to close out, here is a bit of Guerilla Vine Theater for you; footage coming courtesy of Mr. Will Thomas …

#Harvest2012. Feel it.


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