#Harvest2012: Sonoma Begins The Move From Simmer To Smolder

As you may recall, our Lytton Springs facility just received their First Fruit on Saturday, thus marking the beginning of #Harvest2012 up north. A big day for our Zinfandel program, to say the least!

That said, we actually got a little Sonoma Zinfandel action down here at Monte Bello a few days prior, with the arrival of fruit from the Mazzoni Ranch.

It was the 12th of September, and the afternoon sun was blazing as the gondolas accouched their precious cargo …

On the way to meet their fermentive destinies, the grapes Must pass the portal of the palate …

Then, having passed that muster, it’s a must that their destiny be must

For a bit of perspective, here is Lytton Springs viticulturist Will Thomas on the pick itself:

The pick went well, a little quicker than I expected. Fruit looked clean, and the dryfarmed blocks held up very nicely through the periodic heat spikes we had over the summer.

And here is winemaker Eric Baugher, on the character and quality of the Mazzoni fruit:

The fruit was clean, highly flavorful, with relatively tame acidity.  The young vine fruit from the side-terrace had the biggest/juiciest clusters.  The old-vine Carignane & Zin field-blend parcels had smaller clusters, more concentrated berries, thicker skin, and very rich seed tannins. 

All of which is VERY exciting; this is a much-coveted limited-production wine, and while we generally like to age this offering a fair amount in our own cellars first before releasing it (current vintage is the 2007!), we are extremely pleased to know we’ve got this kind of quality to look forward to!

#Harvest2012 so far? I think it’s safe to say that we couldn’t be happier!

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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