#Harvest2012: First Fruit at Lytton Springs!

Ah, they’re drinkin’ champys in Healdsburg, #Harvest2012 has begun at Lytton Springs!

Early this morning, before the morning fog had even broken …

the team was out and in the vines. The Buchignani Ranch. Carignane and Zinfandel.

And then, before the fog had barely even burned off …

… the vines were already picked clean.

From there, it was just a wee jaunt to the winery, where the grapes were introduced to their destiny …

Ever vigilant, the winemaking team took it all in, berry by precious berry …

Flashbulbs were poppin’, shutters were clackin’; memories made, memories stored …

To use the parlance of the day, it was a good pick.

Here is our VP of Vineyards Operations David Gates, on the character and quality of the fruit:

The Buchignani fruit looks great, good flavors, great acidity, and plenty of it. We picked all but a few tons of zinfandel (which will be harvested next week) and the carignane from the Top and Back blocks. The zin is as sweet as candy and the carignane tastes like a cherry apple, if there was such a fruit.

Ah, the perfect wisdom of David Gates! As pure an exhortation to plan your multi-case purchases of 2012 Buchignani Carignane & Zinfandel well ahead of time as ever was exhorted …

Here’s bit of the live action for you …

Please join me in raising a big toast to David Gates (VP of Vineyard Operations) and Will Thomas (Viticulturist, Lytton Springs) on the vineyard side, to John Olney & Muiris Griffin (Lytton Springs Winemaker & Assistant Winemaker respectively) on the winery side, and to all members of the vineyard and production team for a great #Harvest2012 debut!

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