A Lullaby of #CabernetDay -or- Monte Bello Confidential

The IronChevsky and I go way back.

He was actually there for the debut of our #WineBloggersTasting Series. That was the day the bloggers took on Robert Parker.

It had been a while since I’d seen The IronChevsky. He’s a busy man. I’m a busy man.

But then along came #CabernetDay.

The IronChevsky likes Cabernet. I like Cabernet.

Do the math.


The IronChevsky and I, we like #CabernetDay.

#CabernetDay was August 30th. And the word had come down. The IronChevsky was coming.

I was ready. 1985 Monte Bello. 1995 Monte Bello. 2005 Monte Bello. A three-decade/three-vintage vertical. The Library. Yeah, I was ready.

Plus, I was packing extra heat. 1989 Monte Bello in a magnum. A 2003 Estate Cabernet.

Yeah, I was ready for The IronChevsky.

Monte Bello Confidential.

Said The Iron Chevsky, “Monte Bello Sensational.”

Case closed.

To read The IronChevsky’s report, you can click here.

Until we meet again, IronChevsky. Until we meet again.

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