#Harvest2012 begins on Monte Bello!

VERY happy to announce that the first grapes of #Harvest2012 have come in from Monte Bello!

The team was out in the vines early this morning, picking chardonnay grapes from the historic Rousten Ranch, and our very own Sam Howles-Banerji was there to capture the action!

The call was for 6:45am, just as the sun was beginning to lay the soft peach of its morning across the burbling gray cotton of the inversion’s mercurial fog …

And as the full and vivid measure of its brilliance came to bear on the simmering mineralized dust of the ranch, the team moved in …

And thus the hills began to echo with the clicks of flashing clippers, and the soft collapse of grapes into hands …

A strange agrarian ballet in which the severity of solitude and the togetherness of toil play out a ritual of action set to lonesome largo paces …

And through it all, the cold gray yawn of the gondola’s maw awaits …

And as the crisp sluice of fruit’s bristling sugar-acid brine whisks the morning air alive …

The hunger of the gondola is sated …

Kilroy may be AWOL, but Sam was surely there …


Congratulations to David Gates (Vice President, Vineyard Operations) and Kyle Theriot (Viticulturist, Monte Bello), and to the entire Monte Bello Vineyard Team!

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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