The Lytton Springs Fall Release & 50-yr Celebration is going GLOBAL!

The 50-year celebration is on at Lytton Springs as we speak, and what I want to know is, “Are YOU wearing YOUR Vintage 1962 Ridge shirt?”

Sara Kaufman, esteemed member of the Lytton Spring Retail Sales & Hospitality Team, most certainly is!

Funny thing is, she’s wearing it the vinerows of France! Bonjour Sara!

And meanwhile, back in Healdsburg, the party is rockin’ along!

At this very moment, Lytton Springs winemaker John Olney is holding a bit of court with our guests …

And I am told that the Bacon & Brie is currently blowing wine & food pairing minds …

Lytton calling to the faraway towns
Now that Fall is declared and New Releases come down
Lytton calling to the wino-world
Come out of the cellar all you boys and girls
Lytton calling, now don’t look to us
Phony Napamania has bitten the dust
Lytton calling, see the guests are coming in!
Get poppin’, the corks, on the Lytton zin!

FYI: Food for this wonderful event is provided by the very wonderful Mark’s The Spot, and event photos are coming courtesy of the esteemed Brandye Alexander!

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4 replies

  1. Hey, Christopher! We’re checking in from Ridge Lytton Springs! Great party – food is delish and Brad just bought a t-shirt! Life is Bello!

  2. I love that song and your sense of humour. Heading to Lytton Springs shortly.

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