A Lil’ First Friday Home Cookin’!

We may or may not ACTUALLY be in a post-racial Northern California, but I’m going to assume that we are for the purposes of using “White Trash” in the following fashion:

And tonight, for First Friday, a playfully pseudo-artisan twist on a venerable white trash classic: French Bread Pizza!

The Recipe:

Take Watsonville Sourdough from Sumano’s Bakery (the ONLY sourdough!), and slice it the long way!

Then, accept the gift of strange organic heirloom tomatoes from an uber-gardener neighbor, which is, in my case, the most excellent Miss Natalie …

… and make a red sauce!

With wine, of course …

Once made, introduce red sauce A to longways-sliced-sourdough B …

Following introductions, alert Gruyère that you now desire its presence in the kitchen.

And when Gruyère complies, shred it.

(And yes, I KNOW Gruyère doesn’t come from Northern California. But I BOUGHT it in Northern California …)

Next, baptize bread and sauce with cheese.

Following the baptism, freckle the countenances with caper and tarragon …

Lastly, with your heat in the 425 range, insert the longitude of ‘za into the latitude of oven …

And voila!

Post-Racial Northern California Longways-Sliced-Sourdough Heirloom & Gruyère Pizza w/ Tarragon & Caper.

Funk Power. Over and Out.

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4 replies

  1. Yummy!
    I often cook with wine, why sometimes I even put it in the food I am preparing ……. but I have NEVER used a Ridge wine in a recipe.

  2. Oh, yum! Can’t wait to taste the pairing

  3. Yum! See you tonight, Christopher!

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