The Pitchfork & The Pen: Winemaker Eric Baugher On First Fruit

The three stages of First Fruit arrival …


1. Anticipation

2. Activation

3. Fruition

And here is winemaker Eric Baugher (seen above, pitchfork in hand, with assistant winemaker Shun Ishikubo) on the quality, character, and experience of #Harvest2012’s First Fruit:

“Superb quality, some of the best looking Paso Robles fruit I’ve seen in many years.  Tiny berries, small leggy clusters, very nice uniformity of ripeness.  Best thing about the first day of crush was that all the equipment fired up and ran, no malfunctions, no rattling from the crusher….it all ran smoothly.   Weather, however, was a little unnerving  with some big juicy raindrops falling mid-way through crush, followed by flashes and deafening sound of thunder overhead…fortunately it was short-lived, passed over quickly, and crush was finished by 11pm.”

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

(photos by Amy Monroe)

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  1. Was that taken over in Montebello? Man was that sunset spectacular last night. I don’t think you could ask for a more perfect “surprise” for these crushing photos. The purple and pink skies work perfectly with the grape photos!

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