Next Wine Bloggers Tasting, 9.23.12! Is Everybody In???

Ok Wine Bloggers, the next edition of our Wine Bloggers Tasting series is coming up!

Sunday, the 23rd of September, 1pm, at Monte Bello. Are you in?

Is Everybody In???

There are still a few seats open at the table, and I want YOU to fill ’em!

That’s right, Uncle Christopher is back, and he wants YOU to attend the next Wine Bloggers Tasting.

How do you request a seat at the table? Myriad options are available!

–Comment on this post

–Post on our Facebook page (

–Twitter at us! (Use #RidgeVineyards & #WineBloggersTasting)


For more about this series, please feel free to follow any or all of the following links:

As always, there will be a theme.

As always, I am not yet announcing the theme.

Uncle Christopher wants YOU!

Funk Power. Over and Out.

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6 replies

  1. Christopher, count me in brother!

  2. Uncle C., you said Monte Bello? Oh yeah, I’m in if you’ve still got the room.

  3. All expenses paid? From Texas? Because if so, I am in. Oh… but I suppose I am not technically a wine blogger. Mere details!

  4. As always, Christopher, I am down to attend if there’s room for me.
    – Jeff

  5. Does the biggest Ridge lover want to attend a tasting event at Monte Bello? #HellYes

    Can’t wait to hear what your creative theme is this time!

  6. Damn! I’ll be at the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival that weekend! Next one fuh sho!

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