And By The Power Vested In Ridge, We Now Pronounce You … #Harvest2012!

At just after 7:30pm last night, the Monte Bello winery received a delivery of grapes from the Dusi Ranch, and with that delivery, #Harvest2012 officially begins!

Our very own Amy Monroe was on hand to document the dramatic arrival, and as our earth turned ever so slowly away from the shimmering sun’s trailing pastel wake, inviting the brooding dark of its evening into the grandiloquent chambers of the night, her digital shutter commenced clicking insistently, drawing the singular imagery of harvest in and through her lens, 0 by 0 and 1 by 1, in a striking parallel enactment of the soul-and-technology reconciliation that is harvest itself.

Remote, stoic, in a state of elephantine gravitas, the sleeping crush pad awaits …

Bearing the future in its weathered gondolas, the rumbling vessel arrives …

Excitable as a child, too eager to await the tipping delivery of promise, winemaker Eric Baugher jumps the train …

Slowly, slowly, slowly …

And thus it begins. #Harvest2012.

After two grueling years of worry becoming anguish, concern becoming terror, faith becoming fury, doubt becoming resignation; after two years of weathering every challenge that the weather can seemingly impose, after two impossibly challenging vintages, there is a smile in the sky this night. Mother Nature is at peace, and all wrapped in her breeze feel peace as well. It’s going to be a good harvest.

Sweet nectar of the Gods, let your holy juices flow!

And by our labors, let us celebrate the Gods!


And so, from the ridge, from the very gates of Ridge, we say, “Good night Harvest. It’s wonderful to have you here again.”

#Harvest2012. Feel it.

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