Day Two of our Fall Release & 50-year Anniversary Event Is Underway!

And what a day it was yesterday!

The sun is shinin’, the weather is sweet, yeah, makes you wanna move those dancin’ feet …

Hard to say what was more beautiful, the people, the wine, the food, or the music, but I’m goin’ with the people!

That said, everything else was pretty groovy too! Hard to say which wine received the most love; the 09′ Monte Bello truly is an interstellar vintage, and the timing of that 98 point review didn’t hurt any, but that said, the Pagani Ranch has true cult cachet, and brought a great many fans into the building. Still, Lytton Springs is a titan for the ages, and the 2010 is a major contribution to the canon. And then there’s the Ponzo; kind of my favorite dark horse, and I have to say, I think this 2010 may be the greatest Ponzo we’ve ever produced; it was certainly the staff favorite yesterday!

Anyhow, have a look!

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