When The Light Comes Down: Vineyard Bodhisattvas

Be you Creationist or Atheist; City Mouse or Country Mouse; Teetotaler or Three-total-er; Lapsed, Reformed, or Reborn; or Cynic, Ascetic, or Prophetic; be you the Science Guy or Our Lady of the Various Sorrows, it’s awful hard to deny the divine in the vines …

When The Light Comes Down on Lytton Springs

When The Light Comes Down on Monte Bello

Vineyard people are shamans of a sort, lightning rods of the natural juju, medicine men and women who call down the spirits to Samsaric realms of the sensorial soul.

And so, many deep bows to our own vineyard bodhisattvas, Kyle Theriot and Will Thomas, for not just seeing the light, but for coming back to show us what they’ve seen, and what it means.

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  1. Great photos!

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