Cabernet Nocturne -or- #CabernetDay 2012: The Final Countdown -or- Monte Bello Transbluency

#CabernetDay is but a mere few days away, and I’ve got the Lady of the Lavender Mist on my mind.

I may be in the minority with this sentiment, but to me, Cabernet is a nighttime grape; Cabernet Nocturne. And Monte Bello is the Duke Ellington of Cabernet. It is the nighttime feeling, the sensuality and mystery of light and shadow’s balletically intertwined eroticism, the invitation of the evening. It swings its melancholy, dances its blues, finesses its crescendo. It sees no age, no color, no creed; it merely assumes elegance, and expects the same.

Cabernet Nocturne.

As to #CabernetDay itself, it will envelop us in its Sentimental Mood this Thursday, and we’ll be doin’ its New Low Down at both 11am and 2pm. No Stormy Weather on the horizon for either Lytton Springs or Monte Bello, so be ready with your Daybreak Express to come see us, so that by time of Moon Glow you’ll be ready with your Main Stem full of Monte Bello. Whether in Solitude or with Someone, the Satin Doll will leave you sayin’ I’m Satisfied, and even if you Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, this is one Merry Go Round of a tasting ride you don’t want to miss. So if ever I once said Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me, then consider this the moment in which I Ring Dem Bells and say, it’s #CabernetDay! The Lady Of The Lavender Mist is waiting to lay her Transbluency upon you, and all you need to know are these Three Little Words:

Book My Reservation.

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