The 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference, Brought To You In Linked Haiku! -or- #WBC12 #RidgeVineyards #Haiku

(What follows is a series of “Linked Haiku” — multiple spontaneously-composed Haiku on one  single subject. In this case, the Haiku are responses to the 2012 Wine Bloggers Conference; specifically, each Haiku is directly related to a specific agenda event at the conference)

A welcome with kind-

ness is kind; a welcome with

wine is sacrosanct!

Like brunch; a something

between somethings: between wine

and the writer: love.

Writing of wine, we don’t

write of self; rather, we write

of seeking no-self.

As with waterfalls,

flowing hospitality

is always holy.

Life of many friends,

week of many meetings, night

of many bottles.

Wine maker/writer;

we both prefer our glasses

be rosé-colored!

There are many kinds

of natural, but only

one kind of honest.

Do not stress the ease

of writing unless one is

sure that one writes well!

Love at first sight? Per-

haps, but a wine requires

more than five minutes!

Certainly we are

all winners. As are the win-

ners, only more so!

To truly dine like

a king, one must dine on the

estate of the king!

To write well is to

warm hearts. To write with passion;

this is to Ignite!

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12 replies

  1. Seven days of bliss.
    Happy people, making wine.
    Life changing event.

  2. Seven days of bliss.
    Happy people, making wine.
    Thank you: Life changing.

  3. What a great response to WBC12! Love the haikus!

    Having sat with you for two speed wine “dates” (in 2012 & 2010)–we both know that 5 minutes is plenty of time for some wines…and 5 hours isn’t enough for others…

  4. Beauty is in the
    Eye of the beholder, so
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the comment, and for the kind words!

    • p.s. I meant to praise you for your haiku! And, funny you should use the “beauty is in the eye of …” cooloquialism; I was actually really trying to work with that for one of the Haiku in my post, but couldn’t make it work; so, congratulations, and nicely done!

  5. Great poetry, man.
    I’m glad you have many more
    typewriters to spare.

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