VERY SPECIAL #CabernetDay tasting at #RidgeVineyards!

VERY SPECIAL #CabernetDay tasting at #RidgeVineyards!

See all those hashmarks in the post title? That’s social-media speak right there, that is!

And what is #CabernetDay?

#CabernetDay is a date & time synchronized, WORLDWIDE, human-universal, mojo-interactive, spirit-joyful celebration of this most legendary of varietals; a happening unlike any other, a phenomenon, really, an opportunity to join with your fellow human beings across the entire globe in an act of oeno-soulful unity, in raising a collective toast of — and to — Cabernet Sauvignon!

It’s sort of like LiveAid, but with wine, instead of Judas Priest.

Meaning; if you think #CabernetDay isn’t a big deal, then You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’

So, when is it??? August 30th!!!

So, I could tell you about HOW to participate in #CabernetDay, or I could tell you how WE’RE celebrating #CabernetDay. Hmmm … Ok, I can’t stand the suspense any longer! Can you believe what we’ll be pouring??? Dig this!

Oh, snap!

Your eyes do not deceive you. To celebrate #CabernetDay, we will be pouring a three-vintage, three-decade vertical of Monte Bello!

Care to join us? If you’ll be in Northern California on August 30th, you can! But, space is limited, so reserve your spot now:

Monte Bello (Cupertino, CA – Santa Cruz Mountains)

Lytton Springs (Healdsburg, CA – Dry Creek Valley)

And for those of you not in NorCal, but who ARE savvy on the social media tip …

You can participate and follow along on Twitter or Facebook by using the #cabernetday and #ridgevineyards hashtags when posting your comments on your fave social media platform (i.e. taste, think, type, share, read, taste, etc.). You can also then  search these hashtags, so as to groove on what your  fellow Cabernet drinkers from around the globe are groovin’ on. You should try it. It’s groovy!

To get groovy with #RidgeVineyards, you can groove  our groove on Facebook and Twitter by groovin’ up slowly in the Right Here, Right Now.

And to groove to the seam that unites the groove; to ascend to the mojo mecca, to spelunk into the original spirit, to check the source, then check the source, of course!

Meaning; Click Here to visit the official #CabernetDay website!

See You, Hear You, Feel You on #CabernetDay!

Save the date, dig?

August 30th.

Funk power.

Over and Out.

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3 replies

  1. Silly me! No contact details left, so ……….

  2. Well now, as I am unable to be with you in person; 6000 miles away, I am still anxious to participate.

    So, I will just have to do it over here. But, I don’t have the ’85, ’95, or ’05 so I will just have to do the ’84, 94, & ’04. Well, we are eight hours ahead of you!

    No twitter, just wine.

    Is there is anyone in the London area who wants to join me …………?

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