The International Culinary Center & Ridge Vineyards: Together Tonight!

May I present the following:


Corn Bisque with Crisp Pork Belly

~ or ~

Gnocchi Parisienne, Fresh Peas, Grape Tomatoes & Parmesan Cheese


Seared Salmon, Spring Pea Risotto

~ or ~

Lamb Stew with Spring Vegetables

~ or ~

Grilled Chicken Breast, Couscous, Grilled Vegetables & Moroccan Sauce


Tarte Tatin – Upside-Down Apple Tart

~ or ~

ILe Flottante – Crème Anglaise

Sounds pretty good, no?

That’s how nice life can be when you get involved with The International Culinary Center.

You may recall The International Culinary Center as The French Culinary Institute. It’s now The International Culinary Center. And, there is one in Northern California! And, I’m going there tonight.

The room is empty now, awash only in the ghosts of gourmands past. But tonight, ah, tonight …

That’s the new Wine Theater. SO gorgeous. The whole place is amazing. And, what a history!

Consider the alumni. Among them: David Chang and Dan Barber (both James Beard award winners), and of course the inimitable Bobby Flay, who was a member of the inaugural class of 1984.

And then there are the Deans; the list of which reads like a veritable Who’s Who of the culinary world. Jacques Pépin , Emily Luchetti, André Soltner? That’s some serious talent. And of course our neighbor David Kinch, of the very extraordinary Manresa. Strictly top-shelf, Mr. Kinch. LOVE Manresa.

The point is, this place is the real deal and then some, and I am THRILLED to be participating in quite an extraordinary event this evening.

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  1. Was hungry….read….now jealous….

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