Santa Cruz Mountains, Passport Saturday, My Ridge Anniversary, & What This Means For You!

It’s Passport Saturday in the Santa Cruz Mountains!

Which means it’s an outstanding opportunity for you to uncover gems galore amongst the wild and woolly wildernesses of our decidedly beautiful, rarefied, and rustically authentic appellation.

Do we want you to visit us? Of course! But do also be advised that a key few of the very under-the-radar boutique producers that don’t normally operate general-public tasting room DO open up on Passport days. We can clue you in about that, just ask us!

As to visiting us, we’ve brought out some lovely offerings for your tasting pleasure today; five of our finest Estate wines, all grown right here on Monte Bello; the northern crown of the Santa Cruz Mountains appellation.

Plus, if you either a) know me already, or b) already read my previous post on the subject, you’ll that today is the anniversary of the first day I ever worked in the Monte Bello Tasting Room; a Passport Day as well!

So visit us today, mention Christopher’s anniversary, and we’ll pull out a little something extra for you to taste!

See you soon!

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