Carignane, My Wayward Son

Time Has Come Today!

The new 2010 Buchignani Ranch Carginane is here, and we’re pouring it today at Monte Bello!

One look at the “liner notes” on the back label should be enough to alert you that somethin’ special is goin’ on here …


And our tasting this morning did not a single thing to dispel our excitement …

2010 Ridge Vineyards Buchignani Ranch Carignane

Appearance: Wonderful color in the bowl; dense mulberry and magenta hues laced with fine bright fuchsia highlights. Lightly viscous, with swift and mid-girth legs bespeaking archetypal carginane body-type …

Aromatics: Fascinating mix of appealing berry and fruit notes (black cherry and blackberry balanced against red and black cherry, plus a touch of cranberry piquant-ness) infused with a completely fascinating layer of black caraway (kilijiri) …

Palate: Fruit goes even slightly blacker on the palate, showing tarter versions of traditionally black and sweet fruits (pluot, blackberry, Montmorency cherries); there are also tasty hints of bittersweet chocolate and cocoa, and all previous are wrapped in both a somewhat uncharacteristically firmer tannin architecture, and a totally popping level of acidity …

Finish: The pop of the acidity stays strong through a finish that manages to be both big and long, without obfuscating the classically leaner and spicier mouthfeel that we traditionally associate with this wine…

Summary: Brilliant for sipping, but will ace it at the table as well; think unorthodox for your pairings, and try it at both extremes: where you might normally serve a white, and where you might normally serve a cab. A lovely group of members had this yesterday with their picnic, and paired it with duck prosciutto and melon, to excellent results. But don’t be afraid to serve this with steak au poivre either. And if you go curry, go Carignane.

Thanks to Sam Howles-Banerji for tasting with me, and for helping to identify what on earth that black spice was that we were smelling!

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  1. Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymyore; I’m no Foreigner to this sort of thing: The Journey is the reward, so pass the Bread Styx.

    OK, so Bread doesn’t really belong on this list, but I couldn’t resist.

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