Farm To Grill Is About To Kick-Off At Lytton Springs!

Behold the math of Farm to Grill at Lytton Springs.

Carry this:

BBQ Lamb Sliders

Braised Hanger Steak Spiedini

Slow Roasted Suckling Pig Pasta

Pacific Salmon & Corn Chowder

Grilled Mushroom Flatbreads

From these:

CK Lamb (Healdsburg, CA)

Marin Sun Farms (Point Reyes, CA)

Imwalle Farms & Gardens (Santa Rosa, CA)

Triple T Farms (Boyes Hot Springs, CA)

Gourmet Mushrooms (Sebastopol, CA)

And add it to these:

2011 Ridge Vineyards  Carignane Rose

2010 Ridge Vineyards Estate Chardonnay

2009 Ridge Vineyards Carmichael Zinfandel

2007 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Estate Syrah

2009 Ridge Vineyards Estate Merlot

2009 Ridge Vineyards Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

2004 Nervo Zinfandel

Multiplied by this:

Then factor this:

And you get this:

Ah, delicious, delicious math.

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  1. I am experiencing jealousy.

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