Production & Graft: Grafting Chardonnay on Monte Bello …

Grafting is one of the great & mysterious processes in the annals of viticulture, and it is something which fascinates anyone and everyone who stumbles into the cryptic vaults of its ritual.

As with so many things we deem to be mysterious, the surface appears so simple; cut goes here, groove goes there, a little whittle this, a little whittle that, insert vine A into root B, and Presto! Nothing up my sleeve …

Grafting is nothing like that kind of simple, of course, but when in the presence of those who practice it, it can seem that way. The hands move, the magic happens, the audience is amazed.

When grafting, what the hands harness is the primal heart of nature itself, the bonding principle, the renewal impulse, the healing heart of love.

Serapio Ruiz holds in his hands the healing heart of love.

Rousten Ranch is one of four “founding” family vineyards on Monte Bello; the Rousten vines are located roughly equidistant between the middle vineyards (originally the Torre Ranch, and the current home of the Monte Bello Tasting Room), and Jimsomare (originally the Klein property). For more about our Historic Vineyard Series wines, please click the following link:

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