Nominations for the 2012 Wine Blog Awards Now Open!

It’s that time of the year again, when wine enthusiasts the planet over take a moment to recognize the achievements of the world’s best wine bloggers by nominating their favorite writers and sites for a Wine Blog Award!

I heartily encourage any reader of this blog to follow the links below; you can track who’s been nominated to date, and it’s an utterly brilliant resource for discovering new and wonderful wine writings. Some of my personal favorites have already appeared on the list, as well as some new names I look very forward to researching.

If you like wine, if you like to read about wine, and if you believe in the power and potential of the individual artist to bringing new and resonant meaning to our collectively experiential and sensual lives, then please take a moment to discover, to read, and if you find that which moves you, to nominate. These writers will educate you, amuse you, incite you, challenge you, and reward you. And above all else, they will make you want to drink wine!

I believe the nominations are truly important; writers often toil at the dark edges of the known world, with only passion driving their minds and their fingers, never knowing for sure who they’re reaching, if anyone. They may be great, transcendent even, but it can be hard to keep the faith in the face of a seemingly disinterested world. What a nomination does is to put fuel in the tank of an engine that sees a long road ahead, but wants to drive with all its heart.

Take a moment, for your benefit and theirs, to read their works. They are believers.

To find out more about the Wine Blog Awards, please click the link below:

To nominate a wine blog for an award, please click here:

And to see who’s already been nominated, please click here:

Let the games begin!

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1 reply

  1. Congratulations, Christopher, for Best Writing on a Wine Blog!
    (I’ll say!)
    Do we get to vote?

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