A Rosé is a Rosé is a Rosé: tasting notes for the new 2011 Lytton Estate Rosé

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blockbuster announcement, some tasting notes on the new 2011 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Estate Rosé (debuting this weekend, only at our Lytton Springs Estate):

I tasted this today with winemaker John Olney (VP of winemaking at Lytton Springs), and Gerald Stone (Director of Quality Control/Chemist at Lytton Springs):

And for those who can’t, for whatever reason, see the pic of my Remington Noiseless notes:

2011 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Estate Rose

Lovely aromatics, as they should be for a wine of this style; generous tangerine, sprightly ruby grapefruit, and most appealing of all, fine layers of subtle watermelon and mouth-watering watermelon rind. Don’t look for overtly cloying strawberry notes or oodles of sweet fruit though; this is clear, crisp, just a tad leafy, and a lot refreshing. Palate-weight is appropriately light and playful, and the finish is surprisingly long for a wine of this style. Good acidity, though not as citrus-driven as some iterations of type; more languid than biting, more structural than citric. Overall, an exceedingly pleasant and refreshing wine that will be sheer bliss on a warm summer day.

And from the back label, some details from John:

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6 replies

  1. Wow, I wish I had a chance to try this. What other Rose’s has Ridge Made? I was not aware of the ’89 Carignan but do remember some early ’80’s White Zins.

    • Sean, that would be early 70s white zin 😉 It was a very different animal than this rosé, which is a playful, dry, complex, light summer delight.

  2. How nice of you to plan the location of our Mothers’ Day picnic. The wine is delightful; the tasting notes quite accurate. It is playful and light, but not simple. It is also a quite pretty color.

  3. Chris, being here in the UK has its benefits. One, right nowm, is that I cannot simply drive up to Lytton and avail myself of just one bottle. Heck, I cannot even get one shipped to me in my annual box!
    Drat and double drat.

    I have only ever tasted one Ridge rosé; a 1989 Carignan, and yes, it occupies pride of place in my collection.

    Meanwhile, you lucky folks who can get there, enjoy!

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