Tonight’s The Night We’ll Make History! At the Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting!

Tonight’s the night, we’ll make history …

This is it folks, let the lantern of history shine
on the mountain of the mojo of the magic of the vine!
And say unto yourself, “Self, I feel it’s time you asked me.
Shall I jump into the water, or let the river run on past me?”
And if yourself announces with a brave and hearty laugh
in the affirmative, then gather a decanter or carafe
and assure yourself you’re brave, no more courage must you bolster,
you’ve a bottle at the ready, and an Ah So in your holster.
Find a fine and working clock, one you know for certain will tick!
It’s the time of quenching thirsts, and for feeling oenophilic.
Ah, there! The hour has struck! ‘Tis the time of virtuality!
The time at which the world must praise your commensenscality!
For who amongst ye is fool enough to let this chance go wasting?
It’s the time for the Ridge Virtual Winemaker Tasting!

The hard facts of the event are as follows:

Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting
Friday April 13th at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

To register for the event, please click here.

To download your custom Tasting Mat, please click here.

See you tonight!

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