Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting: The Tasting Mat Chronicles

It’s not necessarily how it sounds; The Tasting Mat. It’s not a physical location.

It is, however, a physical object. It’s your guide through the tasting. And as such, it’s a very important document.

Page 1. Three wines. It begins.

2006 Grenache. Feral, wild, exotic. Delicious.

2007 Syrah. Full, rich, decadent. Divine.

2009 Old School. Fleshy,unctuous, concentrated. Sensual.

Mat 2. Three more wines.

2010 Paso Robles. Ripe, concentrated, fruit-driven. Crazy drinkable.

2010 East Bench. Full-bodied, fruit-forward, round. Crazy approachable.

2010 Geyserville. Elegant, refined, sophisticated. Crazy complex.

And now the grand finale. Page 3.

Three vintage vertical of young Monte Bello.

Wine keeps on sippin’, sippin’, sippin’, into the future …

The hard facts of the event are as follows:

Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting
Friday April 13th at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

To register for the event, please click here.

To download your custom Tasting Mat, please click here.

And to order the tasting wines (order by April 9th, and you’ll still receive the wines in time for the tasting!), please click here.

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