Taste The New Spring Releases WITH Our Winemakers!

This is big. Big, Big, BIG.

We’re talking Honeycomb Big.

And this tasting doesn’t just have 25% MORE!

This tasting has 50% more! No, this tasting has 75% more! No, this tasting has 100% MORE! This tasting has 100% MORE WINEMAKERS!

Meaning, this tasting has ALL our winemakers! That’s right, Ridge Vineyards winemakers Paul Draper, Eric Baugher, and John Olney will be sitting down to taste wine with you!

And you, and you, and you, and you, and you! And you too!

What is this all about?

Why, it’s the Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting!

Which is not unlike playing Jeopardy from home …

…except that THIS home edition is INTERACTIVE!

Which means not only do you get to play along (which in this case means drink along!), you get to ask questions along the way!

Think of it!!!

You’re home. You’re not at a wine tasting event. The simple social conventions are not in effect. Meaning, you don’t have to wear pants. You can be in your bathrobe. Or conversely, you can put on  your wedding dress. Or a suit of armor. It doesn’t matter, the point is, you can be wherever you want, wearing whatever you want! You just need internet access, and wine.

Which, if I am not mistaken, are essentially the two requirements for survival in the modern world.

The Web, and The Wine.

Anyhow, there you are. In your suit of armor, or your wedding dress. And you’re in the garden, or Tangiers. And you log in. And suddenly, there are Paul Draper, Eric Baugher, and John Olney. Right there on  your screen. Talking to you! And they’re drinking the same wine you are. And they taste, and you taste. And they say “microclimate,” and you say, “I like wine!” And they say, “malolactic,” and you say, “bacon!” And they say, “chalky tannins,” and you say, “refill!” And they ask, “What do our viewers think?” And you start typing. And you write, “Given the purported challenges of the 2010 growing season, are you able to offer a global assessment as to the character of your final offerings, or are the minute nuances of disparate growing regions too diversified across a wider swath of topographical variences to make such sweeping generalizations? And if the latter be the case, can you then take a moment to talk about how the growing season affected each of these vineyard designations, and perhaps more importantly, can you talk about how your long-standing committment to a low-yield/high-concentration model can actually ostensibly benefit from the seeming ravages of just such a challenging growing season?”

To which Paul replies …

The hard facts of the event are as follows:

Ridge Vineyards Virtual Winemaker Tasting
Friday April 13th at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

To register for the event, please click here.

To download your custom Tasting Mat, please click here.

And to order the tasting wines (order by April 9th, and you’ll still receive the wines in time for the tasting!), please click here.

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