When the “Mo” in “BevMo” Means Mo’ than “More” … -or- Up Walnut Creek, Without an Ah-So?

This Thursday evening, April 5th, the “Mo” in “BevMo” is not just going to mean “More,” it’s going to mean “More Ridge Vineyards.”

That’s right, Ridge Vineyards (in the form of me and some very fine wines!) is heading to Walnut Creek, California  — the BevMo Home Ranch, the Flagship shop, the Juggernaut, The Mothership — to host a tasting of the following:

2010                       Ridge Estate Chardonnay
2010                       Ridge Geyserville Zinfandel
2010                       Ridge Paso Robles Zinfandel
2009                       Ridge York Creek Zinfandel
2006                       Ridge Monte Bello
2009                       Ridge Estate Petite Sirah

If you can be there, definitely be there! Then you can taste this …

… whilst here:

Which is groovy.

And if you can’t join us in the flesh, be there in the virtual sense! Join us in the social-media-o-sphere via The Hashtag; meaning, post up on-line, include #RidgeVineyards and #BevMo in your prose, and watch your musings mind-meld with the masses, your rhetoric reconcile with the rivuleting rimes of the resolute, your poesy pool with the perspectives of the passionate, and your opinions  orient to the oratory of the oeno-obsessed.




Post up!

Meaning, jump in the stream, the water is wine, and the rapids are perfectly delicious!

No matter how you wish to don your Ridge, and no matter where you wear your BevMo, this Thursday is gon’ to be tastin’ time!

Can I get an AMEN!?!

I say, can I get a HALLELUJAH?!?

Praise the Ridge!

Praise the MO!

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