On Balance, it’s Balance.

I read a lot of wine blogs. It’s part of my job.

Reading RJOnWine.com is not a job. It’s an education.

If you’ve not read Richard Jennings, and you’re a wine-nerd/junkie/nut/obsessive/vino-dork/grape freaklet/wine monk, then you’re delaying your transcendence of oeno-samsara …

I am innocent of bias or preference. Ridge is not in this article. But this article most decidedly barks up my Bodhi tree.

On balance, it’s balance.

RJ, I dig.


Richard Jennings. The Nose Knows ...

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  1. Christopher, IPOB was a great event and RJ has some serious notes on this post… Gavin Chanin’s work definitely stood out for me too and the wines that were present at this event are what I will be striving for with my own label.

    I just visited Littorai today for a tasting and reminded me of this great movement for elegant, terroir-driven wines from cooler climates.

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