Wine Bloggers Tasting: Special Anniversary Edition!

Greetings all!

The time has come for the first Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting of 2012, and it is going to be a rather special edition!


On April 20, 2009, the very first post went up on “4488: A Ridge Blog,” and on Sunday, April 22nd, we’re going to celebrate our 3-year anniversary!

And that’s not all!

This year’s annual Wine Blogger’s Conference is being held in Portland, Oregon, and as yours truly will be a panelist for the following breakout session …


The Winery View of Bloggers:
We’ll hear from three industry experts (two winery representatives and a blogger turned winery marketer) who will explain whether they work with bloggers,
how they cooperate, and whether bloggers have an impact on the winery’s visitation, sales, or image.

  • Ed Thralls from the Wine Tonite blog is now the Social Media Manager for Vintage Wine Estates (includes Girard, Kunde Family Estate, Cosentino, and Windsor Vineyards as well as several boutique brands)
  • Christopher Watkins from Ridge Vineyards runs the winery’s blog, 4488: A Ridge Blog, a finalist for Best Winery Blog in 2010 at the Wine Blog Awards
  • Sasha Kadey is the Director of Marketing for King Estate Winery in Oregon, one of the largest and most active wineries in the state

… I am going to have our Wine Blogger’s Tasting filmed, in order to provide support source material for the panel! Meaning, this is YOUR chance to become a part of Wine Blogger history!

So, if  you’re a Wine Blogger, or a Wine & Food Blogger, or a Food & Wine Blogger, or a Food blogger who writes about wine, or a Lifestyle and/or Culture blogger who write about wine, then I invite you to join us!

And that’s not all!

April 22nd also happens to be the birthday of the late, great Paul Chambers, indisputably one of the greatest jazz bassists ever to walk the earth. So not only will we be listening to the music of Paul Chambers throughout the tasting, and not only will we be specifically discussing the parallel aesthetics of jazz and wine during the tasting, I am also opening up the invitations to a music blogger! So, if you’re a music blogger who writes about jazz (and hopefully, occasionally, wine!), then I invite you to join us!

As always, I will hope to have some returning “regulars” in attendance, but also as always, I will be keeping a few seats open for new guests; new blood is good!

The tasting will be held at our Monte Bello Estate, on Sunday, April 22nd, at 1pm.

If you wish to be considered for a spot at the table, please either

a) respond in the comment feed to this post

b) post on our Facebook page

c) send us a message on Twitter

And if you would, please include a link to your blog when you contact us!

Lastly, we’re going to invite one lucky wine blogger to participate virtually, so even if you can’t be in attendance at Monte Bello, there is still a chance for your to participate! If you want this to be you, let me know!

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13 replies

  1. I’m supposed to pick Ralph up from SFO at 11am that day. I could arrange another ride for him and come drink wine instead! It was great to see you at PBFW today, I would love to work out a way to make it to this event too.

  2. Really looking forward to the panel at #WBC12! And you know me…I am a Ridge Wine junky! Would love to join you!
    Wine Column:

  3. Hey Christopher– This sounds like an aurally awesome, simply sensatational celebration, and I would dearly love to attend–but I’ll be in-flight on April 22nd on my way home from Croatia and the Zagreb Wine Gourmet event where your very own David Gates will be presenting. Perhaps I can be your virtual blogger at 40,000 feet! I’m so sorry to miss this event in April but I’ll see you in August in Portland. Cheers!

  4. Christopher,

    Looking forward to hanging with you and Sasha on the panel… would love to join you for this blogger tasting again as it was 2010 the last time I joined you… but, alas, I think I will be painting my new house that weekend. Will keep in touch if that changes and if you still have openings.



  5. I’m looking forward to this panel Christopher! This is a huge topic and one of much debate. Should be a great one!

  6. Christopher,
    It was good to see you yesterday at Rhone Rangers. Unfortunately, I already have an event I’m hosting at the same time that day–a Piedmont-themed wine lunch.

    I hate to miss another one of these, especially one with a jazz theme, but I look forward to reading others’ reports.


  7. Hello Christopher, I’ve not been a part of this tasting in the past, but I would love to be considered for the opportunity to be the “virtual blogger”. I’m extremely interested in hearing the panel discussion, regarding the impact of wine-blogs from the wineries perspective. Thanks for shining a bright-light on this important and relevant topic, cheers!

  8. your twitter link has extra “)” which make it malfunction

  9. Hi Christopher. Consider this my request for consideration;-)!

  10. Hi there!

    Great post. Love to be considered for the Apr. 22 wine blogger tasting slots. I couldn’t make it at the last opportunity. Appreciate your consideration.



  11. Hi Christopher,
    I’d love to come to the next tasting, if you’ll have me.
    Let me know, yo.
    – Jeff

  12. Hi Christopher, I’d love to attend again! These are my favorite wine events of the year. I’ll make sure to dress pretty for the camera.


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