A Monte Bello Vertical: Video Prep & Haiku Notes

I very recently had the opportunity to prepare, serve, and taste a rather preposterously fine vertical of Monte Bello: the 2011 first assemblage, a 2010 barrel sample, and the 2009, (which is in bottle, but not yet released), plus the 1978, the 1984, the 1985, and the 1992.

For a crazy inside-the-velvet-rope insider’s look at the very exclusive inner workings of preparing a tasting of this caliber, please consider viewing the following video …

And as to tasting notes; how best to describe this singular display of magic mojo juju funktasticness? Haiku, of course …

2011 Monte Bello

In these years, when winds
howl cold, and kindness cowers,
such focus, such pride.

2010 Monte Bello

Delivered, I knew
you already, small child; and
already so wise!

2009 Monte Bello

Tenor saxophone
says listen — king of Kansas —
I am the big Jazz.

1992 Monte Bello

Hummingbird stops to
simply sit, sees dawn kiss the
dew; such perfection.

1985 Monte Bello

Noir hero, hard-boiled,
this case defines you; now we
know your deep justice.

1984 Monte Bello

Can it be, with all
this soulful knowledge, you should
 still dance like a child?

1978 Monte Bello

What we all should strive
to be ; past striving. Not old,
not young, simply true.

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  1. Thanks for the tantalizing scenario. Did anyone make notes? Are they available?
    I would love to know as I am organising a vertical tasting, comparing Monte Bello and SCM Cabernets over a 20 year period.
    My email is tomwise60@talktalk.net
    Sorry, only UK residents can come!

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