No Rest For The Weary, It’s Pruning Time!

We’ll be talking more about this in the upcoming days, but after a very brief break for all, our vineyards are humming again, and pruning is #1 on the agenda. 

Here at Monte Bello, it’s chardonnay …

Rosendo at work in the lower chardonnay ...

This is a tremendously important and vital part of our overall approach to the land, and decisions made during pruning days have ramifications that stretch well into the future, and impact just about every aspect of the wine-producing process, including quality and taste.

David Gates, talkin' prunin' ...

I have been fortunate to spend time pruning with our vineyard teams before, and there are few ways in which one can truly experience the life-force of a vine than to feel your way through the process of managing, maintaining, and encouraging the long-term patterns of its growth over the years.

Francisco in the middle chardonnay ...

They’re beautiful creatures, vines, and to hold them in your hands, to mold them, to train them, to release and invigorate them, is to truly know them.


(thanks to Monte Bello Viticulturist Kyle Theriot for the images!)

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6 replies

  1. Monte Bello is one of our staff’s favorite wine places worldwide (other than our own vineyard of course) in large part due to the wonderful experiences we’ve all had there.

    The photos (and your blog!) are tempting us to visit again and restock the cellar…

    Incidentally we are deep in pruning as well. Weird.

  2. Love that final quote! Looks beautiful too – is the warm weather affecting the pruning at all?

    • Thanks Erica! And as to the warm weather, I think it’s been a bit of a relief actually, in at least some respects, in that it’s allowed the teams to get a bit more of a jump on things than usual …

      • I guess we had the worst possible timing – means we will have to come back to look at the vineyards when we can see the view ;.)

      • Well, you also got to have a nice long lunch with Paul Draper, which is actually often hard to schedule, so you’re timing couldn’t have been that bad! And as to coming back, you’re of course welcome any time!!!

      • You are quite right – I wouldn’t have traded that lunch with Paul and you guys for all the sunshine the in California 🙂 It was a lovely afternoon, and by the end, the clouds had lifted enough to get an idea of how beautiful the place is. Greetings from Sweden!

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