#ZinFest: The Movie

Hard to believe ZAP’s #ZinFest has already come and gone. We anticipate it for so long, then suddenly, it slips right past us, and the anticipatory cycle starts anew.

Fortunately, via the miracles and mechanisms of modern guerilla theater, we are able to preserve small traces of the memories in digital form, there to enrich us when we seek and need renewal.

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2 replies

  1. I am not sure if I am lucky to be 6000 miles away, and quietly seething, or unlucky to have missed this event.
    For the record…… Does anyone know
    1 – How many producers attended?
    2 – How many wines were shown?
    3 – How many consumers / customers attended?
    4 – Is it just a mammoth tasting or are sales made?
    5 – How much does it cost to get in?

    Who knows, IF I meet the criteria, I maybe could come over in 2013.

  2. Hi Christopher…Sorry I missed you at Zinfest. On the other hand I did see Mr. Draper! Great Zins as always!

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