That’s right folks, ZAP! Not Shazam, not Wonder Twin Powers Activate (form of an Ah So, shape of a Zinfandel bottle!), but ZAP!

Not familiar? ‘Tis an acronymn, and it stands for Zinfandel Advocates & Producers. From their Mission Statement:

ZAP and its members revel in Zinfandel’s mysterious history and its evolving story fuels the embers of discovery, entrepreneurship and agriculture that are truly American. ZAP is the only organization that has established and provided funding for education and research to study the history, genetics and propagation of a wine varietal to ensure its future. ZAP and its members not only enjoy growing and drinking Zinfandel, but they also value its character and its heritage.

Meaning, in short, these folks LOVE Zinfandel.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already aware of ZAP, and quite possibly, you’ve actually attended their legendary Zinfandel Festival.

We’re huge supporters, and we participate every year. The highlight of the lovefest is of course the Grand Tasting. This is essentially Tantric Oenophilia.

We’re believers, and accordingly, we like to bring a really special roster of wines every year to share at the Grand Tasting. This year is no different. Dig the list:

1. 2009 Carmichael Ranch Zinfandel –

2. 2009 Lytton Estate Zinfandel –

3. 2010 Paso Robles Zinfandel –

4. 2010 East Bench Zinfandel –

5. 2010 Geyserville – (barrel samples, not yet released!)

6. 2010 Lytton Springs – (barrel samples, not yet released!)

7. 2010 Lytton Estate Zinfandel – (barrel samples, not yet released!)

8. 2010 Carmichael Ranch Zinfandel – (barrel samples, not yet released!)

As is hopefully evident, we like to put on a show. Come see us. We’ve got lovely wine to pour for you.

“Holy Ah So Wineman, it’s Zinfandel!”


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3 replies

  1. Ah, looking forward to finding it in a future ATP shipment. Thanks, Christopher.

  2. I didn’t think the 2009 Carmichael had been released yet either, has it?

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