Our Winter Wineland Winner!

If you were fortunate enough to be in Sonoma county January 14th & 15th, then I’m guessing you probably attended Winter Wineland, an absolutely delightful region-wide bacchanal of oeno-epic proportions.

Hopefully, you were able to visit our Lytton Springs Estate as part of the experience. If you did, you would have been able to enjoy a very groovy presentation on the importance of soil to our wines. This Soil Exploration exhibit was unique, informative, and perhaps best of all, it came with a contest! That’s right, analyze and learn about four distinct soil representations of four of our most legendary vineyard properties, and then try and match the soil to the wine. Winner (selected from the correct entries) gets a Ridge goody bag.

And I am happy to report that we have a winner! She is Melania Lonchyna, and she is our official 2012 Winter Wineland Soil Exploration Context Winner. Congratulations Melania! Here’s what you’re receiving as your prize:

Thanks to everyone who visited us during Winter Wineland, and especially to everyone who participated in our contest! As far as we’re concerned, you’re all winners! Except that Melania is the winner. But after that, you’re all winners!

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