Ah So Cork Puller: A Video Comes Home …

Back By Popular Demand, The Original Ah So Cork Puller Video!

One of the most popular videos this blog has ever produced is one in which we offer a quick tutorial on how to use an Ah So Cork Puller.

And it was never even actually on this blog!

In the early days of “4488: A Ridge Blog,”, we couldn’t house our own video, so the footage went up on YouTube.

But now, some multi-thousands of views later, I am very happy to re-present the footage on its home turf. (You can read the original post here.)

And remember, if you’re opening an older bottle of wine, the Ah So Cork Puller is the ONLY extraction mechanism you should be deploying. Anything else is at your own risk!

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3 replies

  1. Is it essential that I wear that many rings for the process to go well? 😉

  2. can I have a glass? Looks like an ’86 Paso Zin… yum!

  3. Here in the UK, we call them ‘Wiggle & twist’
    Very effective they are too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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