For Those About To Type, Part II

For those of you who may have read about (or attended!) our recent Wine Bloggers Tasting, you’ll know that part of the experience involved our guest Wine Bloggers having a go at crafting tasting notes on one or more of four different vintage manual typewriters.

(You can read about the tasting, and see pictures of the typewriters and those who used them, here)

While their efforts were certainly valiant in this regard, it might also possibly be slightly safe to say that (borrowing a phrase from JeffIsRad at the Stay Rad Wine Blog) there was perhaps in evidence the occasional lack of “pinky strength” …

You be the judge!

(click on any image below, and you’ll be taken to an attachments page, where you can then scroll left or right to see all the images)

Categories: Events, History, Monte Bello, Press Reviews, Ridge Memorabilia, Social Media, Tasting Notes, Wine Blogs


1 reply

  1. Fantastic!
    I’ve spent some time recently trying to track down my grandma’s old manual machine, but have come up empty.
    I think there’s a better chance of finding another bottle of that Monte Rosso…
    Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for having me.
    – Jeff

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