Harvest May Be Over, But The Beauty Lingers On …

It’s true, harvest is over, and as such, there is no fruit on the vines. But there is something uniquely beautiful about the vines in all their wind-chilled nakedness that is somehow deeply moving. They look tired in a way, but it’s that gorgeous fatigue that comes from having accomplished something truly miraculous, heroic, implausible. Giving birth, running a marathon, fighting a fire. I have never seen my wife look more beautiful that in the seconds after our daughter was born, but ask her, and she’ll say she’s never looked more wrecked. Perhaps vines are the same; this is their shy time, their I-don’t-want-to-be-seen-looking-this-way time, their come-down & collapse from the exhilaration time. But to me, they’re stunning. They radiate a strange and wise kind of happiness, a joy that infuses everything around them. Like Emma, for example …

Don’t she look happy? (That’s viticulturist Kyle Theriot’s pups, out diggin’ the merlot on Monte Bello.)

Truth be told, there is barely any quiet time to speak of at all. Just like giving birth, running a marathon, fighting a fire, there is parenting to be done, more races to be run, more flames a-burning. At Lytton Springs, they’ve already begun pruning …

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Categories: Events, Lytton Springs, Monte Bello, Vineyards

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