Ridge Vineyards 2007 Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache

Syrah: Dark, brooding, imposing. A certain sexy menace. Spicy yet controlled, saucy yet serious. A somber, shadowy figure; footsteps echoing in the alley, a hint of violence simmering just below the surface. A sensual phantom.

Grenache: Exotic, percolating, exuberant. Tough as nails yet fragile as lace. A brightly colored mural, celebrating the desires of the heart, the passions of the body. Musical, buoyant, predatorily delighting. A lascivious pirate.

Blended in equal measure, 50% to 50%. One of my favorite wines that we release. The Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache.

The 2007 vintage was bottled on November 20th, 2009. The very same day that a very famous Italian mountaineer by name of Lino Lacadelli passed away. Lacadellli was from a region in Italy called Veneto. Which happens to be where Asiago comes from.

So, I am going to get some Asiago on my way home, and I’m going to eat some while I drink a glass of the 2007 Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache.

Because Syrah and Grenache go together like rama lama lama lama lama ding de ding de dong.

Categories: Food & Wine Pairing, Grenache, Lytton Springs, Syrah, Tasting Notes, Varietals & Blends


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