My New Favorite Wine & Cheese Pairing!

Do you know Bellwether Farms? If you’ve ever had a private tasting with us before, you’ve probably tasted their Carmody; it’s been one of our favorite cheeses for quite some time. But I’ve recently discovered a new offering from the fine folks at Bellwether that has just about blown my mind. San Andreas.

I tasted it on its own first, and immediately thought, mature wine. Aged wine. Aged Monte Bello.

Cue the 1978 Monte Bello, one of the finest Monte Bellos ever, and showing so very perfectly right now. I tasted it on its own first as well. Perfect.

And then the pairing.

Complete palate freak out. Total perfection. Decadence. Nirvana. Revelation. Deliciousness. The deep mojo. The Ju-Ju. The HooDoo. The Guru.

I know it’s not everyday one goes opening a bottle like this, but the holiday season is upon us, and that calls for something special.

And this, is something special.

Library Monte Bello, and Bellwether Farms San Andreas.

Bert and Ernie. Yin and Yang. Martini and Olive. Buson and Issa. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Love and Happiness.

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  1. I personally enjoy and for all wine lovers do enjoy the delicacies of
    wine with cheese. ENJOY !

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