Ridge Vineyards is in the Loopt!

Ridge Vineyards is very pleased to announce our participation in a new and exciting event, taking place in San Jose, California, on Wednesday, November 30th, from 7-9pm. The event is being hosted by Loopt, and we will be in the house pouring some extremely delicious wines.

Not hip to Loopt yet?

Here they are, in their words:

Loopt is a social service that connects people to their community. Loopt’s mobile application and website give users the inside scoop wherever they go – tapping into local intelligence about places, making it easy to find friends and track down the best deals. Devices with Loopt include iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. Loopt has more than five million registered users in the U.S. and offers a variety of intuitive privacy controls to its users. Loopt is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Which may or may not sound like a lot of other social services out there, but Loopt puts their money where their mouths are, and this event is a perfect example. There are a lot of businesses that purport to have a local focus, but Loopt truly does; this event is being thrown specifically in recognition of their key participants and partners in the region, and we are indeed proud to be a part of the action.

If you’d like a bit more information about the event itself, you can click here.

And, if you’re going to be at this oh so very swanky event yourself, we’d love to read some tweets; just use #RidgeVineyards and #looptcasinoroyale in your posts, and we’ll look forward to gettin’ all the juicy details!

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