Wine Bloggers Tasting, Final Edition, 2011!

Ladies & Gentleman, the final 2011 Wine Bloggers Tasting is coming, and if you write a wine blog, or a tangentially related blog (food, culture, etc.), and can potentially be in Northern California on December 11th, then  you are potentially invited. I say “potentially,” because this edition’s theme (there is ALWAYS a theme) will, of necessity, restrict our head count somewhat. Need a clue? See below …

Anyhow, just in case you’re not familiar, we are into our second year now of hosting our Wine Bloggers Tasting series, and it’s been a lovely, lovely success to date. We host it quarterly, and each time, we invite an inside circle of elite wine bloggers (each session features a few returning vets, and the guarantee of a few new faces as well) to enjoy a special selection of wines selected around a particular theme. Past Wine Bloggers Tasting themes have included:

–Tasting The Exact Same Wines That Robert Parker Just Reviewed

–The Acrostic Anagram Sessions

–Limited-Production, Winery-Only

–Lytton Springs Vertical

–Monte Bello Library List Offerings

and more …

To see a rundown on previous posts related to this singular tasting series, please click here.

And now, on to the official announcement:

Wine Bloggers Tasting #4, 2011
Sunday, December 11, 1pm
Ridge Vineyard/Monte Bello
Attendance By Invitation Only

As to the theme? See below …

Still no idea? No worries, it’s a particularly good one!

So, want to attend? Let me know! You can comment on this post, or respond via either Facebook or Twitter. And one thing to note, if you’ve not yet attended one of these tastings, please make sure to include a link to your blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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7 replies

  1. This sounds like fun! Based on the pic, guessing obsolete, or better, wines that have passed their prime, or even better yet, older, classic wines. Like the 1977 Monte Bello that I tasted at vertical event — maybe past its prime, but so interesting and awesome in so many different ways.

  2. Count me in, Christopher! Katrena will join me – we’ll share tastes, if that’s OK. I may even have an old anagramic bottle laying around here somewhere…

    Looking forward to tasting with you again.

    Allan Bree

  3. Is the theme “hunt and peck”? I can play that…

  4. Christopher,
    Of course I want to come to this, if you’ll let me.
    You should know, however, that in the fall of 1993 I got 5 A’s and a C- as a freshman at San Lorenzo Valley High School (in the Santa Cruz Mountains). The C-, incidentally, was in typing.
    Stay Rad,

    PS – fslkj

  5. Old World Wines? 🙂
    I’d love to try and make it, bit of a haul, but worth it I am sure.

  6. Hmm could the theme be old school writers and gonzo jourlinists? On the Road with Monte Bello? Fear and Loathing in the Vineyards?
    Can you believe I’ve never been to Monte Bello? Anyway I’m sure it will be great. I’d love to attend, but don’t want to be greedy. I know lots of new folks probably want the chance too, so put me on your reserve waitlist. –Thanks

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