Black Friday Becomes Soul Sunday

This weekend’s Soul Spectacular Will Splendorize Your Sunday With Sentiments Both Sacred And Sensual, so now’s the time to shed the skin of Fridays Black, to be replaced with Sundays Soulful.

Meaning, that last weekend was Soul on Saturday, and then it was Black Friday, and now this weekend it’s Soul on Sunday. Meaning, if you dig sipping the big fantastic whilst groovin’ to nothin’ but vintage soul, then Sunday is your day in the Monte Bello Tasting Room, cuz’ that’s all we’ll be playing: 5 straight hours of vintage soul!

So if you’re Born Under A Bad Sign, dress Superfly, drive a 1965 Mustang, and Knock On Wood whilst Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay; if you know how to do the Funky Robot (and the other 999 dances!), want to Go Get Stoned, and Heard It Through The Grapevine that there Ain’t No Mountain High Enough; if you’ve got a Brand New Bag in the Midnight Hour, are a Shining Star who believes there Ain’t No Sunshine unless you show Respect; if you want to Get It On but don’t Know Me  By Now, if your Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone and you feel like bein’ a Sex Machine, then you should really come see us on Sunday.

Because on Sunday, you wines will have more soul than ever.

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