Black Friday Tasting Update …

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll already know that we’re offering quite a groovy tasting opportunity on Black Friday, 11.25.11 (please click the link for more details).

As part of our By-Appointment Estate Tastings on that day, we’ll be including two of our very new, very rare Historic Vineyards Series wines, the 2009 Torre Ranch Merlot, and the 2009 Klein Cabernet Sauvignon!

If you’re not familiar with how these mid-week by appointment tastings work, here’s the scoop, and it couldn’t be easier. Basically, just go to our website, click the Visit link in the header, then click on either Lytton Springs or Monte Bello; whichever location you wish to visit. Then, scroll down the page until you see the “Book Your Reservation” header. Enter your number of guests, and select 11. 25.11 in the date field. Assuming there is still availability, two times will come up, 11am and 2pm. Select your slot of choice, and just fill in the details requested. Boom, you’re done! You’ll receive an automated confirmation e-mail, and you’re in like Flynn.

These tastings are semi-private, seated, and hosted, and they are a fantastic opportunity to experience our single-vineyard wines.

And on Black Friday, these special tastings will be all the more magic by virtue of the Historic Vineyard Series being included.

So, book soon, the slots are filling up!

And here is a little marketing material sample from the Monte Bello coffers, to give ya just a bit of the flavor of what goes on up here on the mountain …

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