#Harvest 2011: Waiting For The Sun

We’re all picked out up north. Sonoma is done. And we love what we’ve taken in. Flavors are amazing.

Monte Bello is another story. We need sun, and we need heat. The chardonnay is in, but the red varietals need some love from Miss Mother Nature.

It’s an interesting story. As Paul Draper noted in our Monday Morning Meeting today, we have a somewhat unusual circumstance on our hands; flavor has come in ahead of sugar and acid. Meaning, we have great flavor already, we just need the brix and the acid levels to come up.

It’s sunny today, and it’s warm and dry. That is love. Acid will rise. Sugar will rise.

I took some time this morning to go walk the rows on the mountain. I wanted the vines to know I believed in them, that I knew they were going to make it. They looked beautiful. The fruit looked beautiful. The sky was beautiful. The whole round world was beautiful.

Here are some pictures from my walk:

If you’d like to view a compendium of moving snippets from my walks today, please feel free to enjoy the following movie:

Pray for sun. Warm is the love.

Waiting for the sun.

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3 replies

  1. may I recommend you update your camera. Looking at the photos full screen does not do your vineyard justice.
    Anyway nice job.

    • Thanks for your comment, and as regards the pics; apologies for the quality, those were actually just “snapshots” extracted from the video feed!


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