What’s Up, Lunch? Edition III.5

‘Twas time for another edition of “What’s Up, Lunch”, and to shake things up a bit, I decided to bring out a new old friend, my 1923 Remington.

And the dish? Homemade (thanks missus!) Split Pea Soup and Short Grain Brown Rice, under a Tamari Drizzle.

And to pair? The new 2009 Ridge Vineyards Pagani Ranch Zinfandel, and the 2008 Ridge Vineyards Estate Cabernet.

Not the cleanest copy, to say the least, but in true Ginsbergian “First Word-Best Word” form, that’s how it came down. Watch …

Thank you to my missus for making such a lovely lunch, thank you to Ridge Vineyards for making such lovely wine, thank you to John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones for recording such a lovely version of”Afro Blue,” and thank you to my 1923 Remington for being such a lovely machine.

Categories: Cabernet Sauvignon, Food & Wine Pairing, Tasting Notes, Zinfandel

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