#Harvest 2011: East Bench comes in to Lytton Springs!

One fish
Two fish
Red fish
Blue fish

I whine
You whine
We all whine
For good wine

Red wrench
Judi Dench
Thirst quench
Johnny Bench

North bench
South bench
West Bench
East Bench!

Ah, I knew I’d get there eventually … East Bench!

I’m at Lytton Springs this weekend, primarily to host Edition III of our 2011 Wine Blogger Tasting series, and it’s proven to be rather fortuitous timing for more than a few reasons. For example, I was at Lytton Spring on Saturday to witness, revel in, and experience firsthand the arrival of new East Bench fruit to the winery. It looked beautiful, smelled beautiful, tasted beautiful, and other than paying a sticky price for trying to get too much of a photo close-up on fruit descending into the destemmer (needless to say, my tie was a bit gooey afterwards), I was able to do quite a bit of chronicling; a particular treat, as I don’t get up this way anywhere near as often as I’d like to. It’s a stunning and singular facility, and the way the grapes are handled is indeed a sight to behold …

Meaning, behold …

Hopefully these snaps are getting the experience across, but just in case not, here is some video info as well …

And an augurin’ close-up ….

And lest you think it’s all automation, art, magic, and mojo, here’s a bit of the less-than-glam labor; Lytton Springs winemaker extraordinaire John Olney t’aint at all afraid of gettin’ his genius hands dirty … here he is managing the stem pile …

Need the real moving-picture action? Ask and ye shall receive …

And a particularly dramatic moment; the moment the stem tower topples …

The arrival of fruit is cause for all kinds of internal communication, dialogue, and analysis, from casual check-ins like the one above between John Olney (LS VP of Winemaking) and Gerald Stone (Director of Quality Control / Chemist at LS), and the following; John O. doing the harvest numbers …

More soon, but with the arrival sorted, the winery awaits ….

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