Wine Blogger Tasting: Edition III, 1pm, Tomorrow!

I’m at Lytton Springs already. I’ve been here all day. I’ve decanted, I’ve tasted, I’ve de-foiled, I’ve spit, I’ve written notes, I’ve argued about notes, I’ve taken breaks to run out and watch new fruit come in to the winery, I’ve tasted again, I’ve written notes again, I’ve re-decanted, I’ve tasted out of alternate glasses …. in short, I’ve been workin’! I mean, I been workin’! I mean, this is work! Which means … that it’s really lovely work …

But anyhow, more to the point, the 3rd edition of the 2011 Wine Blogger Tasting series is tomorrow, 9.25.11, at our Lytton Springs estate.

Are you coming?


Do you know what we’re going to be tasting? I do! Do you? Well, I do … Ok, I’ll give you a hint; we’ll be pouring, amongst other such niceties, a 1997 Syrah … nice.

If you’re confirmed as an attendee, then I will look very forward to seeing you tomorrow. And if you’re participating virtual-style, then get your #RidgeVineyards twittericity ready, and we’ll see you at 1pm PST!

Mainly, dig. Wine Blogger Tasting. Lytton Springs Style. Dig.

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