T Minus Nothin’, We Have Mazzoni! (see the movies!) #Harvest 2011

We’ve had our second arrival of fruit to the Monte Bello winery, and it’s come in from the Mazzoni Ranch. Here are some quick vids of the action!

To begin, a series of looks at the fruit comin’ down onto the belt …

And now, as we did in a previous post (when the sleeping beast had yet to awaken!), we can track a bit of the grape’s journey to and through the winery …

And while it may not look (or sound!) particularly glamorous, to a producer of wine, the arrival from fruit to tank is a beautiful, beautiful moment …

And now, let the celebration begin! Paul Draper, cue the champys!

Categories: Events, Monte Bello, Paul Draper, Video, Vineyards, Winemaking


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