#Harvest2011: First Fruit Arrives at Monte Bello!

I wrote in my previous post of a grape’s journey from truck to tank, load-in to landscape, the process by which grapes, via their arrival to the winery, eventually begin to become wine.

But the journey is of course a much longer one than that. The harvest journey in fact begins exactly there; harvest.  And so now, with the arrival of first fruit to Monte Bello, I am able to fully reflect on the bookends of the journey; vineyard at one end, winery the other.

This was the scene at the Dusi Ranch in Paso Robles on Saturday …

And here is a quick video of the zinfandel grapes being loaded into the bins, for transport to Monte Bello …

Now, fast forward to approximately 8:30pm, some 2500 feet up in the northern reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountain above Santa Clara Valley …

Now THAT’s a journey!

And what’s all the more amazing is that by 3pm the next day, Sunday …

And I say, let the journeys continue!


(Special thanks to Viticulturist Kyle Theriot, and Quality Control Director/Chemist Karen Schmidt for contributing additional photos to this piece!)

Categories: Events, History, Monte Bello, Varietals & Blends, Video, Vineyards, Winemaking, Zinfandel

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