#Harvest 2011: It Begins!

Harvest 2011 has begun for Ridge Vineyards!

It’s the 259th day of the year, and it’s bursting with good mojo. It’s a musical day; the great jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd was born on this day, as was blues guitarist B.B. King, and the legendary Irish singer Ronnie Drew. It’s also the date the world celebrates “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.” And, it’s both the date the Mayflower left England for America, and Mexican Independence Day!

So, back to harvest. The big question is, where is it beginning? As you likely know, Ridge Vineyards is a “single-vineyard producer,” meaning we make wines comprised of fruit coming solely from a single vineyard property, with the goal of preserving and expressing, as best as possible, what is unique about any given property. Accordingly, we work with a number of different properties, in a number of different micro-climates, with singular characteristics on offer at each. So again, where is harvest beginning; meaning, which vineyard is first?

Well, it’s a vineyard located on Dutcher Creek Road, in the hills on the far western edge of the Alexander Valley appellation, and it gives us not one but two of our ATP wines: a solo-varietal carginane, and a zinfandel. The first block of carignane planted there went in the ground in 1927; the last in the 1950s. We made our first wine from these head-trained, spur-pruned vines in 1999.

Can you guess which vineyard it is?

We started harvesting this property at first light this morning, and our viticulturist Will Thomas sent me a beautiful shot of the action:

Now do you know which vineyard it is?

The Buchignani Ranch!

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