Ten Questions for Paul Draper: #7!

The second week of our special ten-question series with Paul Draper continues today with question #7!

7-    Jancis Robinson has compared Monte Bello Chardonnay to a Grand Cru Burgundy. Were you inspired by the great wines of Burgundy when made your Chardonnay?

 That is very kind of Jancis but I didn’t know very much about how white burgundies were made, but had a sense of what a fine white wine was all about.  We made the wines in a straight forward, non-manipulative manner and slowly perfected our techniques.  We were trying to make fine wine not imitating Burgundy but the Monte Bello terroir gave us a quality and character with some similarities to Burgundy.

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(“10 Questions for Paul Draper” questions composed by Rodrigo Mainardi of Mistral, Brazlian Distributor for Ridge Vineyards)

Paul Draper grew up on an eighty-acre farm in the Chicago suburb of Barrington. After attending the Choate School and receiving a degree in philosophy from Stanford University, he lived for two years in northern Italy. Later he attended the University of Paris and traveled extensively in France, gaining practical experience in traditional winemaking. In the mid-sixties, with a close friend, he set up a small winery in the coast range of Chile and produced several vintages of cabernet sauvignon. He joined Ridge Vineyards in 1969, and presently resides atop Monte Bello Ridge with his wife Maureen and daughter Caitlin. He is known for his crafting of fine cabernets and chardonnays from the Monte Bello estate vineyards, and as a pioneer in the production of long-lived, complex zinfandels.

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